The team at Keela love winter and don’t want to stay cooped up inside, so we’ve been having a look at our favourite outdoor activities, and the best way to stay warm during them!

1 – Peak Bagging
Whether you’re aiming to bag all UK peaks or just a few nice Munros, if you want to make more of your mountain than the usual days casual stroll (or harder hike!) you might want to have a look at turning it into a longer ‘walking holiday’. Whether you’re out for the day or plan to go for a week, a Munro is always a good choice for a spot of winter walking, just make sure you remember to prepare properly! Check out some Mountain Safety Tips and have a look at for useful information on every Munro and Corbett in Scotland.

We suggest wearing; Something durable and versatile. Conditions in the mountains can change quickly, so make sure you’re ready to stay warm and dry.
For example try our Munro, Cumulus or Sherpa Jackets, and our Alpine trousers.

2 – Mountain Biking
With our new multi-activity range, we’ve been getting into the biking spirit! Whether you’re an extreme biker looking for your next thrill or a beginner looking for a kinder ride to get started, there’s a mountain bike trail for you. has a variety of routes, helping make mountain biking accessible to the masses; and there is also a wealth of knowledge available for you to peruse beforehand, so make sure you take advantage of it before your trip!

We suggest wearing; Something light and visible. You don’t want to be weighed down while out on your bike, but make sure you’re ready with a layer to stay dry.
For example our Storm or Saxon jackets, and some Roadrunner trousers.

Credit for photo goes to Ronan Dugan/SRD Photography

3 – Skiing/Snowboarding
Some of the all-time favourite winter activities are the classic skiing and snowboarding. The UK has a great mix of indoor and outdoor centres for you to enjoy, however at Keela we’re most frequently at our local Ski centre in Glenshee ( Most ski centres have a diversity of runs meaning they can accommodate all levels of skiers and snowboarders, and we think it makes the perfect thrilling, snowy activity!

We suggest wearing; Something very warm! Make sure you’re fully protected from the snow with a warm jacket and some reliable waterproof trousers or salopettes.
For example Keela’s Munro Jacket or Belay Jacket and the Munro Salopettes.

4 – Woodland Survival
At Keela we love Bushcraft! Practicing woodland survival gives you a chance to get back to the root of nature and gain some of the skills needed to keep you safe if you ever find yourself caught out. While finding yourself stuck outside in the best of weather would not be ideal, being caught unprepared in winter can easily be life-threatening, so a crash course in fire-lighting and other useful skills could be ideal!
Fancy trying it out? Take a look at, one of our favourite sites with a variety of courses, whether you’re interested in a simple single-skill workshop or a fun overnight experience for the family.

We suggest wearing; Something quiet. Do your best to blend in with the wilderness in a green or brown jacket that doesn’t loudly rustle.
For example, try our Falkland Jacket. Also look out for the new Keela Bushcraft range, out this year!

5 – MRT Volunteering
If you love the outdoors and are looking for a good way to use your experience, why not consider volunteering for a local Mountain Rescue Team? Not only do you get to use your skills to help people, but it's also a great way to meet people (we've never met a boring MRT member!) and improve your skills.
Check out your local teams at and

We suggest wearing; Something durable and waterproof. You need to make sure you're prepared for any weather!
For example the Cumulus, Sherpa or Munro Jackets.