A Mountain Hare - Shake it OffAll photographs kind courtesy of Andy Howard


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with one of the UK's leading wildlife photographers, Andy Howard.


A Curious Puffin  A man after our own heart, Andy spends most of his time in the     wilds of Scotland and other parts of the UK, often in extremely       inhospitable conditions - so it was a natural step for us to               become his outdoor clothing partner.


  Keela's Sam Fernando said: "As big fans of his photography,       we're really pleased to be working with Andy. Hopefully using       Keela kit for his long days in the wilderness will mean one less     thing for him to worry about!"



An Active Grouse

added: "Working in places like the Cairngorms often   tests me and my equipment to the limit. Severe weather is actually my favourite time to head to the mountains with my camera and it's not unusual for me to lie in the snow in sub-freezing conditions for up to six hours, whilst photographing     a timid mountain hare! So wearing the correct clothing can make the different between getting 'the shot' or not. I've     owned Keela clothing for many years and have always been impressed by its technical performance, so I'm really excited about teaming up with the company as my clothing partner."



To celebrate the new partnership, we'll be running a few of Andy's favourite images on our Facebook page along with the brilliant stories about how he captured those images. And you can also find more of Andy's stunning shots on his own website.

Andy Howard