Keela Customer Spotlight

Name: Dr Eileen Tisdall
Job: Stirling University Lecturer - Environmental Geography
Product: Cumulus Salopettes

Verdict: "I am very impressed with these salopettes"

"I ordered my Keela Cumulus salopettes ready for a season of fieldwork over the summer. I was delighted with my surprise extras (thank-you) and my salopettes which have been fantastic. I have attached a picture of me on field work this summer in northern Iceland.
What you can't tell from the picture is that despite the sunshine there is very cold wind and that the ground I am lying on is soaking wet. Here I am recording a soil section which requires either kneeling or lying on the ground for a long time. The salopettes were perfect as they are light (ie they pack well), comfortable (no gaps!) and water proof, the reinforced knees were excellent and as a detail in the construction very much appreciated. The breathable fabric means that when you are working or walking you don't over heat so you can just put on the salopettes and then stay in them all day.
I am very impressed with these salopettes and my next field trip is to Chile in January where once again I expect to be lying on some wet ground all in the name of science!"

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